Our procurements

We have contracts with a wide range of organisations – including hospitals and community trusts – that set out the services we commission from these providers.

The processes for agreeing our contracts include procurements and competitive tendering exercises, which help us to ensure that we buy the best possible care for our residents’, spending our money wisely and making commissioning decisions in a fair and open way.

We are required to comply with European and UK procurement laws. It means that we regularly review the services we commission and sometimes we have to re-procure services depending on the type and length of contract we have with a provider.

This also helps to ensure that we continually identify ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of services, extend choice and access to services and, importantly, improve our patients’ experience of the care they receive. 

How we run our procurements

When we carry out competitive tendering exercises we advertise them on Contracts Finder – the national database for all public sector procurements.

Previous procurements

We publish a range of information about all our previous procurement processes. 

Current procurements

You will find details of any ongoing opportunities below.