What could change

Our GP practices continually look at different ways to cope with the increase in the growing number of people who need to use their services. Taking part in our survey and sharing your views will help your practice to do this.

Your experience of using services at your GP practice during the pandemic will be important in helping shape how your practice works in the future. Your practice will look closely at the feedback from all its patients. This will help your practice make improvements where things have not worked well and do more of the things that patients have benefited from.

It is important that your practice offers the right mix of face to face and digital appointments. Your experiences will help practices review this. Getting the right balance for each practice will also take account of the different challenges they each face. This includes the number of staff in each practice determining the number of appointments it can offer, or having a small waiting room that limits how many people can be in the building at one time.

It will also help your practice to identify areas to work on with other local practices through their primary care network to provide specific developments or services, like COVID-19 vaccinations.


Will all practices make the same changes?

All practices work differently, so they will need to look at the individual results from their patients to see what will work for them. There are many reasons why this is the case. It could be because of the type and condition of building they are based in or the telephone system they use. They will also manage the appointments they have available differently based on the different number of staff and patients they each have.

Although practices do operate differently, your views will help us to identify common areas where improvements can be made depending on what is possible at your practice. This could be better online services, or improved telephone systems.


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