Reviewing local health policies

We are inviting your views on over 100 policies for routine health treatments and procedures that we are reviewing and updating to reflect the latest medical evidence about what works and what does not.

We are joining together with six other CCGs around the region - Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, South Sefton, St Helens and Warrington - to carry out the 12 month phased review, which aims:

  • To ensure that the latest medical guidance and techniques are being used and so the best treatment is being provided to each patient
  • To ensure that NHS resources are being used in the best possible way for all patients
  • To provide more equal access to healthcare and treatments, where possible

We call the routine treatments we are looking at in our policy review 'Procedures of Lower Clinical Priority' (PLCP).

PLCPs form part of our commissioning policy, which we regularly review to reflect ongoing medical knowledge and advancements, so the local NHS can be sure it is targeting its resources as effectively as possible on procedures that have the best outcomes. We carried out a similar exercise in 2014.  

This latest review is being phased over a 12 month period, and you will be invited to tell us what you think during the different stages of the exercise. We will take your views into account when we decide whether to agree the changes that are being proposed to these policies.

The first phase has involved reviewing and updating 36 policies, 18 of which involve a degree of change for patients. We want to know your views and the next section tells you about the process and how you can get involved.

The second phase has involved reviewing 17 policies relating to back pain, which as a result of this review, have been condensed into six policies. The changes made bring these policies in line with the compulsory back pain and sciatica National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines released in November 2016. 

How the review works 

We are reviewing policies together in batches. We will regularly update the table below, so you can easily see which policies we are working on and inviting views about in a survey at any one time.

We understand that not all of the policies will be relevant to you. So, when filling out the survey, you can chose one or more of the policies you would like to comment on.

You will a link to the survey and more information about the review at the bottom of this webpage, under the following table.  

Policies currently open for feedback

26 June 2017 - 18 September 2017 
Abdominoplasty and apronectomy – tummy tuck Male circumcision
Breast enlargement Pinnaplasty – ear pinning
Breast reduction Removal of breast implants
Cataract surgery Rhinoplasty – nose job
Face and Brow lift Surgical body contouring – removal of excess skin
Hemorrhoidectomy Surgical correction of scars
Hair removal (for excessive hair growth – Hirsutism) Surgical removal of lipoma (fatty tissue)
Laser tattoo removal Surgical removal of minor skin lesions
Male breast reduction Surgical treatment for hair loss – hair transplantation

How to get involved

Once you have read about the changes to the policies, listed in the table above, which we are proposing based on medical evidence you can:  

  • Complete a survey online
  • Request a paper copy of the survey by calling 0121 6123 806
  • Complete the survey over the phone by calling 0121 6123 806

Easy read guides

We have produced a range of easy read documents that tell you more about the review: